Top 9 DCS Grill Parts – Grill Heat Plates

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1. Replace parts


BGA36-BQAR, BGA36-BQARL, 30/36 / 48 Inch Gas Grill Models Heat Plates with 18 Ceramic Rods & Burner, 27DSBQ, Replace parts Replacement for DCS 27 Series, 27DBQ

Replace parts #ad - Heat plates dimension: 18 5/8" x 9 7/8", material : Stainless steel, burner dimesion: 19 1/8" x 6", set of 1. Fits dcs: bga36-bqar, bga48-bqarn, bga36-bqarl, bga48-bqrn, bga48-bqarl, bga36-bqaRN, bga48-bqr bga48-bqrl, bgb30-bqrl, bgb36-bqarn, bgb30-bqrn, bgb36-bqar, bgb36-bqarl, .

We highly recommend you measure the size of Your Original Parts and Compare Them To What We Have Listed Before Your Order. Fits dcs: bga36-bqar, bga48-bqarl, bga48-bqrl bga48-bqrn bgb30-bqrl bgb30-bqrn, bgb36-bqarn, bga48-bqarn, bga48-bqr, bgb48-bqar, bgb36-bqar, bgb48-bqrl, bga36-bqarn, bga36-bqarl, bgb48-bqr, bgb48-bqarn, bgb36-bqarl, bgb48-bqarl, bgb48-BQRN. Fits dcs: 27dbq, 27dbr, 27fsbqr, 27dsbq, 27dbqr, 27dsbqr, bga27-bq, 27fsbq, bga27-BQR.
BrandReplace parts #ad
ManufacturerReplace parts #ad

2. Replace parts


Replace parts 3-Pack Stainless Steel Electrode Replacement for Select DCS Gas Grill27DBQ, 27DBR, 27DSBQ, 27DBQR, Models

Replace parts #ad - Easy to install and easy to use. Replacement for dcs 27dbq, 48ebqr, 48dbqr, 27fsbq, 36ebqar, 48dbqar, 27dsbqr, 36dBQ, 27dbqr, 27dsbq, 48dbq, 48ebqar, 27fsbqr, 36dbqr, 27dbr, 36dbqar, BGA27-BQ. Replacement for dcs bga27-bqr, bgb30-bqrn, bga48-bqrl, bgb30-bqrl, bga48-bqrn, bga48-bqarl, bga48-bqarn, bga36-bqarl, bga36-bqarn, bgb36-bqarl, BGB36-BQARN.
BrandReplace parts #ad
ManufacturerReplace parts #ad

3. DCS


BGA48, BGB36, DCS Radiant Tray & Ceramic Rod Complete Kit for BGA36, and BGB48

DCS #ad - Securely packaged so that rods are not damaged in shipping. Perfect item for those looking to restore and renew their 36 and 48 inch DCS grill. Dcs radiant tray & ceramic rod kit for bga36, BGB36, BGA48, and BGB48. Oem manufactured parts, direct and easy fit. Item includes 18 pack of 9. 5" ceramic rods, 1 radiant tray assembly part # 214081P.
BrandDCS #ad
ManufacturerDCS Grills #ad
Part NumberB073PDF8JT

4. Hisencn


36, 27DBQ, Burner Cover Replacement for Select DCS 27, 36DBQ, Deflector, 48DBQ Gas Grill Models 18 5/8" x 9 7/8", Hisencn 3Pack Grill Replacement Parts Stainless Steel Heat Plate, Heat Shield

Hisencn #ad - Fits dcs dynamic cooking systems models: bga27-bqrn, bgb48-bqarn, bgb48-bqar, dcs27d-bqrn, bgb48-bqrn, bga36-bqarn, bgb36-bqarl, dc27d-8qrn, dcs27d-bqrl, bgb48-bqarl, bgb48-bqr, bgb30-bqr, bga36-bqarl, dcs27f-bqrn, bga36-bqar, bga48-bqarn, bga48-bqrn, dcs27f-bqrl, bga48-bqrl, bga48-bqarl, bgb30-bqrl, bgb48-bqrl, bgb30-bqrn, bgb36-bqar, bga48-bqr, dcs27d-bqn, BGB36-BQARN, DCS27FS-BQ.

Fits dcs dynamic cooking systems models: 27dbq, bg48-bqarl, 48dbqdcs, 36dbqar, bga48-bqrn, bg27bql, bga27-bqn, bga36-bqarn, bga36-bqarl, bg27-bqn, bg27-bqrl, 48dbqrcl, 48ebqr, bgb48-bqr, bga48-bqrl, bga27-bq, bg36-bqarl, bg48-bqarn, bg36-bqarn, bgA27-BQR, bfg-30g, 27fsbqr, 48ebqar, bga27-bqr, 27dbr, bga48-bqarl, 27dsbqr, 48dbq, bgb36-bqar, 27dsbq, bg27bqrn, bga27-bq, 36dbq, 36ebqar, 27fsbq, bga48-bqarn, 48dbqr, bgb48-bqar, bg48-bqrn, 36dbqr, 27dbqr, bga27-bql, 48dbqar, bg48-bqrl, BGA27-BQRL. Fits dcs dynamic cooking systems models: dcs27fs-bqr, dcs48e-bqarl, dcs36bqar, dcs48-bqrn, dcs48e-bqrl, dcs48d-bqarn, dcs48-bqarn, dcs48ds-bqa, dcs36ds-bqr, dcs48e-bqrn, dcs48d-bqn, dcs48ds-bqar, dcs48d-bqan, dcs36ds-bqa, dcs36e-bqarn, dcs36ds-bqar, dcs36d-bqarn, DCS36D-BQRN, dcs48ds-bqr, dcs48d-bqrn, dcs48e-bqarn, dcs36e-bqarl, DCSE48BQAR.

Fits dcs gas grill models: 36ebqar, 27dsbq, 48ebqr, 48dbqar, 36dbq, 36dbqr; fits dcs gas grill models: bga48-bqarl, 48dbqr, 27dbr, 48ebqar, bga48-bqarn, bga36-bqarn; fits dcs gas grill models: 27dbqr, bga36-bqarl, 36dbqar, bga48-bqrl, BGA27-BQR, 27dsbqr, 48dbq, 27fsbqr, bga27-bq, 27FSBQ, bga48-bqrn, bgb48-bqar, BGB36-BQAR, BGB48-BQR;. Dimensions: 18 5/8" x 9 7/8" ; Material: Stainless Steel.
BrandHisencn #ad
ManufacturerHisencn #ad
Part NumberH9032911

5. Zljiont


For DCS Grill 245398, BBQ Grill Ceramic Rods for DCS Heat Plates, DCSCT, Zljiont Replacement Gas Grill Ceramic Radiants, 9.5" Long 18 3-Pcs 18-PCS

Zljiont #ad - Also fits: dcs 36-dbqar, dcs 36-dbqr, dcs 48-ebqar, dcs bga-27-bqr, dcs bga-48-bqarl, dcs 48-dbqr, dcs 36-ebqar, dcs bgb-48-bqar, dcs bga-36-bqarn, dcs bga-36-bqarl, dcs bga-48-bqrl, dcs bga-48-bqrn, dcs 48-dbq, dcs 48-ebqr, dcs bgb-36-bqar, dcs bga-48-bqarn, dcs bga-27-bq, dcs 48-dbqar, dcs bgb-48-BQR;.

Dimensions: long 9. 5" ; material: ceramic´╝Ť parts Kit Includes 18 pcs BBQ Grill Ceramic. Fits dcs models: 27dbqr, 27dbr, 48dbq, 27dsbq, 48ebqar, 36ebqar, 36dbqar, 27fsbqr, 36dbqr, 36dbq, 27dsbqr, 48dbqr, 27fsbq, 48dbqar, 48EBQR;. Fits: bgb30-bqr, dcs bga48-bqrl, dcs 27-dbqr, dcs 27dbqr, dcs bgb36-bqar, dcs 48dbq, dcs 48dbqar, dcs 48ebqr, dcs 48ebqar, dcs 27dsbqr, dcs bga48-bqarn, dcs 27-dsbq, dcs 36dbqr, dcs 36dbq, dcs bga36-bqarl, dcs 27fsbq, dcs 48dbqr, dcs 27dsbq, dcs 36ebqar, dcs 27-fsbqr, dcs bgb48-bqar, dcs bgb48-bqr, dcs 27-dbr, dcs 27dbr, dcs bga36-bqarn, bdcs ga27-bqr, dcs bga48-bqarl, dcs 27-dsbqr, dcs bga48-bqrn, dcs 36dbqar, dcs 27fsbqr, dcs bga27-bq, dcs 27-fsbq, dcs 36-DBQ;.

Fits: bga27-bq, 48-ebqar, bga48-bqrn, bga-48-bqarn, bgb-48-bqar, 48-dbqar, bga-27-bqr, 36-dbq, 27-dbqr, bga-27-bq, bga48-bqarn, bga-48-bqarl, 27-dbr, bga48-bqarl, bgb48-bqar, bgb48-bqr, bga36-bqarl, 27-dsbqr, bga-48-bqrn, bga-36-bqarn, 27-dsbq, bga-36-bqarl, bga-48-bqrl, 36-dbqar, 48-dbq, 27-fsbq, 48-dbqr, bga27-bqr, 27-fsbqr, bgb-36-bqar, 36-ebqar, 36-dbqr, bga36-bqarn, bgb36-bqar, bga48-bqrl, 48-ebqr, bgb-48-bqR;.
BrandZljiont #ad
ManufacturerZljiont #ad

6. BBQ Future


27DSBQ, and OthersModels, Durable Grill Electrode Replacement, 27DBR, 27DBQR, BBQ Future 3 Pack Igniter Kit with Collector Box for DCS Gas Grill 27DBQ

BBQ Future #ad - Fits dcs bgb30-bqrl, bgb48-bqarl, bgb48-bqarn, bgb36-bqarn, bgb30-bqrn, bgb36-bqarl, bgb48-bqrl, bgb48-bqRN. Fits dcs bga27-bqr, bga48-bqarn, bga48-bqarl, bga48-bqrl, bga36-bqarl, bga36-bqarn, bga48-bqRN. Includes 3 pack electrode with collector box and wire, Includes a ground wire Not Including Screws. Fits dcs 27dbq, 27dbqr, 27fsbq, 36dbq, 36dbqr, 27dsbqr, 27fsbqr, 27dsbq, 48ebqar, 48dbq, 36dbqar, 36ebqar, 48dbqr, 48dbqar, 27dbr, 48ebQR. Superior quality, easy to install and use.
BrandBBQ Future #ad
ManufacturerBBQ Future #ad

7. Direct Store


9.5" Long 18, for DCS Grill 245398, DCSCT, BBQ Grill Ceramic Rods for DCS Heat Plates, Direct store Parts DF-18 Replacement Gas Grill Ceramic Radiants

Direct Store #ad - Fits: bga27-bq, bga-27-bq, bga-48-bqarn, 48-dbqr, bga-48-bqrn, bga-48-bqarl, bga-27-bqr, bga48-bqarl, 36-dbq, 27-dbr, bga48-bqrn, 36-dbqr, 27-dbqr, 36-dbqar, 27-fsbq, 48-dbq, bgb-48-bqar, bga36-bqarl, bga-48-bqrl, 27-dsbqr, bgb48-bqr, bga48-bqrl, bgb36-bqar, bgb-36-bqar, bga27-bqr, 27-dsbq, bga36-bqarn, 48-ebqar, bga48-bqarn, 27-fsbqr, 36-ebqar, 48-dbqar, bga-36-bqarl, 48-ebqr, bga-36-bqarn, bgb48-bqar, bgb-48-bqR;.

Dimensions: long 9. 5" ; material: ceramic; direct store Parts Kit Includes 18 pcs BBQ Grill Ceramic. Fits: dcs 27dbqr, dcs 27fsbqr, dcs bgb48-bqar, dcs 27-dbr, dcs 48ebqr, dcs bga48-bqarn, dcs 36dbqar, dcs bga48-bqrn, dcs 48dbqar, dcs 36ebqar, dcs 27dsbqr, dcs 27-fsbqr, dcs 27-dbqr, dcs 27fsbq, dcs bga36-bqarl, dcs 36dbq, dcs bgb36-bqar, dcs 48dbqr, dcs 36dbqr, dcs bga48-bqarl, dcs 27-dsbq, dcs bga48-bqrl, dcs 48ebqar, dcs bgb48-bqr, dcs 48dbq, dcs bga27-bq, dcs bga36-bqarn, dcs 27dbr, dcs 27-dsbqr, dcs 27-fsbq, dcs 27dsbq, bdcs ga27-bqr, dcs 36-dbQ;.

Also fits: dcs 36-dbqar, dcs bgb-48-bqar, dcs bga-48-bqarn, dcs bgb-36-bqar, dcs 36-ebqar, dcs 48-dbq, dcs bga-36-bqarn, dcs 36-dbqr, dcs 48-dbqar, dcs bga-36-bqarl, dcs bga-27-bq, dcs 48-ebqar, dcs bga-48-bqrn, dcs bga-48-bqarl, dcs bga-27-bqr, dcs 48-dbqr, dcs 48-ebqr, dcs bga-48-bqrl, dcs bgb-48-BQR;. Fits dcs models: 27dbqr, 48dbqr, 27dbr, 36ebqar, 48ebqar, 27dsbqr, 27dsbq, 36dbqr, 27fsbqr, 36dbqar, 27fsbq, 36dbq, 48dbqar, 48dbq, 48EBQR;.
BrandDirect Store #ad
ManufacturerDirect store #ad
Height3 Inches
Length9.5 Inches
Width3 Inches
Part NumberDF-18

8. soldbbq


And BGB48, BGA48, soldbbq 18 5/8" x 9 7/8" Radiant Tray & Ceramic Rod Complete Kit for BGA36, BGB36

soldbbq #ad - Pls check and compare dimensions with your original parts before place order. Kit include 18 pack of 9. 5" ceramic rods, 1 radiant tray. Fits dcs dynamic cooking systems models : bga27-bqrn, bga48-bqarl, bgb30-bqrn, bgb48-bqarn, dcs36ds-bqar, bgb36-bqarl, bgb48-bqr, dcs36ds-bqa, dcs36ds-bqr, dcs36bqar, dcs27d-bqn, bgb36-bqarn, bgb48-bqrl, bgb36-bqar, bga36-bqarn, bga48-bqarn, dcs27f-bqrl, bga48-bqr, bga48-bqrn, dc27d-8qrn, bga48-bqrl, dcs27fs-bqr, dcs27d-bqrl, bgb48-BQARL, bga36-bqar, dcs27fs-bq, bgb48-bqrn, dcs36e-bqarl, bgb48-bqar, dcs27d-bqrn, dcs27f-bqrn, dcs36d-bqrn, dcs36d-bqarn, bgb30-bqr, BGB30-BQRL, bga36-bqarl, DCS36E.

Securely packaged so that rods are not damaged in shipping.
Brandsoldbbq #ad
Manufacturersoldbbq #ad
Height7.8 Inches
Length20.31 Inches
Width12.28 Inches
Part Numberunknown

9. Music City Metals


Music City Metals 03360 Spark Generator Replacement for Select DCS and OCI Gas Grill Models

Music City Metals #ad - 9v spark generator with 6 outlets. Fits dcs bgb48-bqarn, ocie48bqar, ocie36bqr, ocie36bqar, bgb48-bqrl, bgb48-bqrn; oci ocie26bq, ocie30bqsr, ocie30bqr, ocie48bQR. Fits dcs bga36-bqarl, bga48-bqarl, bgb30-bqrl, bgb30-bqrn, bgb36-bqarn, bga48-bqrl, bgb36-bqarl, bga48-bqrn, bga48-bqarn, bga36-bqarn, bgb48-bqaRL. Listing is for 1 spark generator.
BrandMusic City Metals #ad
ManufacturerMusic City Metals #ad
Height1.25 Inches
Length4.44 Inches
Width1.94 Inches
Part Number03360