Fluance Fi70 Three-Way Wireless High Fidelity Music System with Powerful Amplifier & Dual 8″ Subwoofers Black Ash

Fluance FI70 #ad - From the elegance of a jazz performance to the raw power of a live rock concert, the Fi70 has created a new expectation in audio. The fi70 undergoes the same meticulous craftsmanship as all Fluance home theater speakers. You will experience every low frequency. It is large, it is loud, and the Fi70 will replace a complete home stereo system for concert rivaling performances.

Audio excellence dedicated from day one to create the best audio products in the industry, the Fi70 was engineered to recreate the tracks you love with harmonious perfection. The cabinet is beautifully hand-made with audio grade wood. Hear every note perfectly in your auditory Cortex The Fi70 incorporates dual high performance Neodymium tweeters and 5" glass fibre woven drivers to accomplish the cleanest most accurate sound.

The tweeters ensure the most brilliant detail with captivating clarity. Theses lightweight yet rigid drivers react quicker recreating the vocals of every song as if the singer was performing in your home. Kick drums that are so impactful you feel them in your chest, distinctly drawing upon memories of being front row at your favorite rock concert.

Fluance Fi70 Three-Way Wireless High Fidelity Music System with Powerful Amplifier & Dual 8" Subwoofers Black Ash #ad - Powerful integrated amplifier and six speaker configuration including dual 8" subwoofers reignites the loudness of your favorite songs with full, rich audio unlike anything you've ever heard before. The fluance fi70 wireless high fidelity Music System is more than just a speaker - it is a musical Phenom designed for one reason, true audio enjoyment.

Breathtaking lows taken to new depths Dual 8" subwoofers ensure the Fi70 can push the limits on all your bass driven tracks.

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Aiwa Exos-9 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Aiwa FBA_Aiwa-9001 #ad - Android NFC also supported. The customizable eq makes the Exos-9 portable speaker perfect for every genre of music as well as podcasts and audiobooks. If you're not thrilled, we'll pay for return shipping and refund your purchase, no questions asked. Perfect for tailgates, backyard fun, camping, fishing, the beach, and any other outdoor activity where nature forgot to install power outlets.

With a 60-day risk-free satisfaction guarantee and a 1-year WARRANTY as standard, no questions asked. Search for the device in your bluetooth menu, add and connect And if you ever need any help, remember that our Customer Service team is always here for you. The aiwa promise - when you purchase our best rated bluetooth speakers, if you're not completely thrilled with your exos-9 boom box with bluetooth, send it back for a full refund, you can be confident that you're backed by the AIWA promise.

Aiwa Exos-9 Portable Bluetooth Speaker #ad - Use one of 4 available pre-sets or fine tune the EQ to your liking. Your guests will pass out before the Exos-9 does. Power on your unit using the battery 3. Forget" the speaker from your connecting device Bluetooth menu 2. 3. 5mm audio jack for direct connection. Contact us through the email address in your Welcome Letter.

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